Welsh Seasonings Greetings


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Welsh Seasonings Greetings is a fabulous gift to any food lover or who likes to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Unique flavours direct from the Pembrokeshire coast which will add distinct, delicious flavours to your fish, meat and vegetable dishes.  All these spices are presented in a lovely 12″ wicker hamper with leather straps and handle.  It’s a great basket to keep in the kitchen for storage so making use of the entire present.

Mermaids Confetti Natural Sea Salt & dried Laverbread, Captain Cat’s Mor seasoning with smoked paprika, dried  lemon peel, laver and pulse seaweed,  Gentleman’s Caviar dried Laverbread, Sea Salt with Red Chilli grown locally, Sea Salt with Sichuan Pepper to a Chinese flavour and Sea Salt with Wild Garlic to give aromatic seasonings, grown locally.

Mermaids Confetti 50g

Captain Cat’s Mor Seasoning 70g

Gentleman’s Caviar  10g

Sea Salt & Chilli 70g

Sea Salt with Sichuan Pepper 70g

Sea Salt and Wild Garlic 70g

12″ wicker hamper basket with leather straps and natural wood wool packaging.