Lucky Welsh dip! 10 Bars of Proper Welsh Chocolate


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Lucky Dip!  10 bars of Proper Welsh Chocolate to share and enjoy.  Ideal for stocking fillers for family and friends or pop into a Christmas present as an extra surprise or simply enjoy.  \

Also a great saving as  RRP £4.50 per bar!

Now is the time to try Proper Welsh Chocolate made with natural ingredients from Wales, 10 bars all tied up with string for your bale of chocolate!

There are so many yummy flavours of the Welsh chocolate Nomnom, so to make the choice easier we give you  ‘lucky dip’ .  When you place an order you will receive five different flavours, so the only decision you need to make is which one to eat first!

Ten Nomnoms, Ten flavours in the ‘ lucky dip’- go on give it a whirl as you know you want to…

Flavours, 44% milk & 72% dark chocolate –

Halen Mon (Welsh sea salt from Anglesey)

Dirty White (pure 35% Colombian White Chocolate mixed with real Cocoa)

Bitter Orange (dark and orangey)

Peanut Butter (Nutty, buttery, roasted in their skins with a touch of Halen Mon sea salt)

Cardamon & Raspberry (it is as good as it sounds!)

Honeycomb (pieces of Welsh honeycomb)

Pistachio (delightfully nutty)

Smoked Chilli – (divinely dark, decadent with a smokey kick)

Bee Pollen – (fresh, uplifting and terribly good)